personalised skin analysis

With our fully trained skin specialist, skin condition assessment & expert recommendation personalised to your skin.


medical microdermabrasion

Medical Microdermabrasion is a non invasive treatment that gently and thoroughly removes dead skin cells through a diamond head technology. It promotes the production of new cells in the deepest layers of the dermis, cleans pores, and aids in controlling blackouts. It also stimulates collagen networking to further even out skin tone & texture. Treatments can be performed within an hour lunch break & normal daily activities can be resumed immediately. A sonphoresis treatment is included to maximise the absorption of active ingredients.

$120.00 6 sessions prepaid ($500.00) 


LED (light emitting diodes) is a fantastic light based treatment suitable for just about everyone. Specific skin conditions can be treated with wavelengths that transmit a frequency to stimulate a healing response within your skin. This is definitely a skin modality that dares to go where no one can. Used to treat conditions such as rosacea, pigmenation, fine lines, wrinkles, and acne. LED phototherapy is based on cold laser technology therefore is safe, cannot create thermal damage, & hence is suitable for all ages, skin types, colours, and serious skin conditions. It is backed by over 22,000 white papers and is heavily used in the medical market.

$70.00     5 x sessions $300.00 prepaid     $40.00 as an add-on

skin peels

With a conscious range of cosmedical peels from O Cosmedics, we offer you a solution to your skin concerns. After your consultation, your therapist will provide the best peel for you. Products may be recommended prior to your first treatment, as we may need to have your skin prepped to obtain the best result. With options for most skin types, the results will speak for themselves.


o discovery facial

A great starter for those new to active ingredients. This facial leaves the skin hydrated and rejuvenated.

30 minutes - $65.00     60 minutes - $95.00

entry level peel

This starter peel is a great way to introduce your skin to more active products. Fantastic for impaired skin.


teenage facial

This treatment targets issues associated with teenage breakouts. The skin acts differently throughout puberty and using specialised products, we can improve the barrier of the skin whilst reducing breakouts. 


dermapen skin fractional rejuvenation

This treatment tightens, lifts, and rejuvenates the skin and improves fine lines and wrinkles. Fantastic for acne scarring and stretch marks, reducing pore size, reducing redness and rosacea, pigmentation, and can also be used to treat alopecia.

Face & Neck$320.00

Purchase 4 treatments $1050 save $230.00

LA Lift Neck Face Decolletage & Hands $370.00 4 x pre paid $1280.00


Cryopen is a safe and effective way of removing unwanted skin tags, sunspots, and benign moles. Several lesions can be treated in one session.

Initial treatment $85.00

Follow up $50.00

Extra cylinder $40.00


skin trAnsformation package

A 6 week intensive program to improve the skin's appearance, texture, and condition using a combination of quality homecare, Prodermal Planning, and skin nutrition.

Package includes:

  • 6 in-salon treatments - 1 introductory facial, 5 Pro Dermal Peels and LED Light Therapy
  • Home care products
  • Skin nutrition supplements
  • On-call skincare advice
  • 6 months VIP membership (10% retail discount)
  • Complimentary monthly skin analysis for 6 months

Your commitment is to attend a one hour facial in salon each week for 6 weeks and to use specific products daily, as prescribed by your beauty therapist.

Valued at $1150

Package Price $850.00

Payment plans available